Test Information


An electrocardiogram, or ECG is a 10 second electrical recording of a patients heart rate and rhythm. It involves placing 10 adhesive electrodes on a patients chest, arms and legs, which are then connected to the ECG cables. This is a pain-free procedure.


Test Duration


The test takes approximately 5-10 minutes to perform.


Patient Preparation


There is no preparation required for this testing procedure.

Testing Procedure


You will be asked to remove your shirt and lie down on your back where possible. Stickers will be placed on your chest, arms and legs, which will then be connected to ECG cables. In some cases, skin preparation may be required to achieve adequate skin-electrode contact (e.g. shaving, alcohol prep and light abrasion with sandpaper). You will be asked to lie still and quiet for a brief time while the recording is taken. Upon completion of th ECG recording, the leads and stickers wil be removed.


ECG are routinely performed prior to consultation with the cardiologist, to allow the doctor to analyse your heart rate and rhythm.


Testing Results


The information obtained from the ECGs will be reviewed by a cardiologist and the results will be promptly forwarded to your referring doctor, within two working days. Your referring doctor will then discuss your results with you at your review appointment.

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